tardaasa store

Tardaasa commisions!

35 GBP

Want me to draw you as a character in the style of Tardaasa? Or do you have some character of your own you'd like to see in my comic style? 

Pay with Paypal or card, and send me a description of what you want and an e-mail for me to mail the high resolution image (300 dpi) to, and if you would like to have it signed. 

Note that I'll probably only do a character, and not a background since this would go way over my time frame for this!  Sorry ;)

You should have it within a week! :) 

Thank you for having a look at this, any one person buying a commission really helps me out a lot!

Mail tardaasa.store@gmail.com for requests or questions!

Lovedilelove from Panny and me! x